Pregnancy & Lactation

    Before pregnancy balanced diet is very important for preparing the women’s body for the demands of pregnancy. It is very important to avoid infertility.

    During pregnancy balanced diet plays a key role in determining fetal health and predisposition to some diseases. Poor Nutrition slows the rate of foetal growth and increases the risk of low birth weight. It may also affect the metabolism permanently and increase the risk of Type-2 Diabetes in younger age.

    It is important to eat foods that provide all of the nutrients required for the increased needs of mothers and babies during pregnancy.

    During pregnancy, a woman’s Carbohydrates, Fat , Protein, Vitamins, & Mineral requirements increase, and it is more important to consumes food which will give her both the energy and the specific micronutrients which are essential for maintaining her and her growing baby's health. Deficiency of Vitamins & Minerals increases the risk of abnormalities like mental retardation.

    During Lactation balanced diet as per individual’s requirement is very important. Breastfeeding women require more protein than non-pregnant. Protein is an important component of breast milk. Consuming quality protein can help maximize your milk supply, which will help your infant’s growth and development. Choosing healthy, safe protein foods as per individual’s requirement in each meal is very important.

    Our diet pattern will help to improve the health before pregnancy, during pregnancy and during lactation.