Our Mission

Core Objectives:
- To strive and keep people away from lifestyle related diseases like Heart attack, Stroke, Obesity, Diabetes, Sexual Disorders, Infertility, Fatty Liver etc.
- To educate people about the benefits of exercise towards living a healthy life
- To educate people about the importance of Balanced Diet
- To develop healthy eating habits for individuals
- To improve functionality in daily life of each individual

Why With Us

If you will follow our diet and exercise pattern we assure you that you will never face any lifestyle related diseases like Heart Attack, High BP, Stroke, Diabetes, and Sexual Disorder like erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation & Infertility.

We specialize in preparing customized diet and exercise plans as per individual need & time available by analyzing body fat %, past history, hormonal level, exercise and food habit, detailed analysis of daily schedule, body type and composition and present fitness level. Based on the analysis you will receive guidelines regarding correct intake of carbohydrates, fats & proteins. We provide advice on ways to live healthy lives through right quantity and time of food intake.

We recommend Exercise that you can do at your home and also guidelines on consumption of regular Food.

For Vegetarian like Roti, Bhakari,Subji, Idali, Pohe, Upma, Shira, Dal, Rice, Paratha,Paneer, Cheese, Salads, Fruits, Milk, Ghee, Banana, Apple. Orange etc.
For Nonvegetarian like Egg, Chicken, Fish etc.
You can eat all the above mentioned food but in the right proportion depending on individual requirement, work schedule and like.